I won't retreat, I'll reload!

Rick Bowers for Maryland State Delegate District 36
  • Why Pick Rick?

    Well Trained

    • Rick has been very dilligent in his training. He has attended The Leadership Institute, Institute on the Constitution, The Heritage Foundation, as well as many other highly credible training opportunities  in preparation to become your voice in Annapolis. He has also received tremendous amounts of hands on experience working for other Maryland legislators. This experience and training has taught him to recognize the difference between good policy and bad. In addition, Rick was elected President of the QAC Republican Club, and currently serves as the Vice Chairman of the QAC Republican Central Committee.

    Rick won't attempt to take away your votes

    • Rick knows the price paid for your right to vote and he will do what it takes to make sure your votes remain safe. Rick worked hard to defeat legislation our current Delegate from QAC sponsored in 2016 which resulted in his ballot initiative being soundly defeated by the QAC voters. HB1344 was a prime example of what happens when lawmakers do not recognize bad policy. 

    Rick won't raise taxes

    • Unfortunately the current Delegate from QAC cannot make the same claim. He is guilty of increasing our PROPERTY TAX AND PIGGYBACK TAX. Rick has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge form the Americans for Tax Reform and has no intention of breaking that pledge. 

    Rick believes in Term Limits

    • Rick sees the danger of career politicians. Our country was not founded with this in mind. Our founders envisioned "Citizen Lawmakers" serving the public for a specified time then returning to private life. Arrogant lawmakers believe the office they hold is theirs when in reality it belongs to the people.  

    More reasons to pick rick

    Rick will protect your 2nd Amendment

    • Rick understands why our 2nd Amendment is so precious and worthy of protection. HB888, HB1302 were written to weaken our 2nd  Amendment rights. Our current delegates Arentz, Grist and Jacobs failed us. 

    Rick will uphold his oath of office

    • Every elected official takes an oath of office to uphold the Constitution.  Unfortunately, today many elected officials are willing to ignore their oath and the constitution as a favor to a political party or leader. If elected, Rick will serve YOU.

    Rick believes and trusts God

    • As an Ordained Minister and former Sr. Pastor, Rick will regard the opinions of others and respect the rights of individuals as defined in our constitution. He will work to eliminate the negative stigma the "left" has smeared on any person who holds on to their guns and their Bible. 

    Rick won't quit

    • Rick has faced many adversities and challenges in life. He has  succeeded and failed but never has he given up. 

    This is not Rick's career

    Rick believes in term limits. After his time in office, he will voluntarily return to live under the rules he helped create.