I won't retreat, I'll reload!

Rick Bowers for Maryland State Delegate District 36
  • Rick's Concerns

    Taxes are too high!

    In 2012 the Delegate from Queen Anne's County, (while he was President of the County Commissioners) raised the property tax rate and increased the "Piggyback" tax. I have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and I WILL NOT RAISE TAXES. I will work against further burdens to our citizens.  

    I will protect your vote!

    In the 2016 election cycle the current MD District 36 Delegate from Queen Anne's County supported changing the way we elect commissioners. His bad idea was soundly defeated by the voters. HB1344 was designed to take away 3 of our 5 votes for commissioner leaving citizens with only 2 votes; 1 for the district of residence and 1 for the "at large" candidate. The end result would have been that each commissioner would be accountable  to their district voters only and all accountability to other citizens in other districts would be eliminated. Many QAC residents own businesses in districts other than their district of residence, this results in a loss of representation. Further, it creates smaller commissioner races more easily influenced by special interest money. The logic in this legislation is similar to gerrymandering in that the government interferes and tilts the playing field to favor certain groups. I opposed this legislation and so did the voters of Queen Anne's County. 

    Your 2nd Amendment!

    Many attempts are being made to infringe upon our right to bear arms.  I was totally dismayed when all of the current Delegates from District 36 all voted in support of bills that clearly violated our constitution. Multiple bills flawed in so many obvious ways, yet they did not see the obvious. Did they do it to enhance public safety? Did they do it because they aren't familiar with the basics of our constitution? Did they do it because they are left of center? Did they do it because they thought it was a good idea? Many feel they were loyal to our governor at the expense of our constitutional rights.  I don't have the answers to those questions...frankly the answers aren't  important. What matters is that they do not get the chance to do it again. Our constitution declares that owning firearms is the right of every citizen. I believe the government cannot be trusted and citizens should be prepared to defend their rights against persons or governments who may threaten to take them away. Additionally, banning guns creates "soft targets" where killers can safely go to do their bad deed knowing there is no threat. Personal security is also an issue that no government has the right to infringe upon. In many cases the presence of a firearm is sufficient deterrent. 

    I will not support legislation that diminishes our 2nd Amendment.  

    Opioid Epidemic

    I believe we can find solutions if we encourage the faith community to work along side the state and local governments to fix the problem. Maryland has made resources available but the real solution remains at the local level closest to the family. There is not one simple solution,  we must be creative and use all resources available. 

    No More Career Politicians

    Our system of government was not designed to be a career for those unable to hold real jobs. It was designed for citizen politicians (statesmen and stateswomen) to serve their country and then return to private life and live by the rules they created while in office. I support Term Limits for State Senators and Delegates.

    Rick is ready!

    He has the experience to lead.

    Rick has served other Maryland legislators in both the Senate and the House of Delegates as Legislative Aide, Policy Advisor and writer. He has received training from many very good institutions such as The Leadership Institute, The Institute on the Constitution and the Heritage Foundation.  

    Boards Served

    Vice Chairman of the QAC Republican Central Committee.

    Consumer Member Maryland Board of Plumbing

    Former Vice Chairman Choices Pregnancy Center

    Former board member of the Maryland Taxpayers Association 

    Rick will be your voice in Annapolis.

    Rick will be available to hear your concerns and solutions. He will do what it takes to being common sense back to policy making. He will uphold his oath of office.