I won't retreat, I'll reload!

Rick Bowers for Maryland State Delegate District 36
  • Rick will be Your Voice in Annapolis

    What they did in session 2018

    HB888 House Vote

    • HB888 bans the use or ownership of "Bump Stocks" which are used (not by people who want accuracy) to allow their gun to fire more rapidly using the recoil of the gun. During the Obama administration, Bump Stocks were considered to be a non issue. I guess our District 36 delegation is to the political left of Former President Obama. That is NOT a place I want to find myself! The bill goes on to say that any current Bump Stock owner is breaking the law by owning one. Is the State of Maryland planning to compensate its' citizens when they turn their Bump Stock into authorities...I doubt it. Consider this, if you own a Bump Stock and you are reading this, you will be committing a crime simply by owning one. Does this sound like the Maryland you want to live in? 

    HB1302 "Red Flag Bill

    • This nefarious piece of legislation allows a wide range of interested parties to determine your right to bear arms. No need to break a law, simply go to a medical professional who may not support your 2nd Amendment and you might just be one step closer to losing your unalienable right to bear arms. This law gives a huge amount of power to outsiders who may file false claims against you WITHOUT LEGAL OR CIVIL RECOURSE!! How did any of our District 36 Delegates think this was a good idea? Once again, our politicians here in 36 ignored all common sense and our constitution.  

    Del. Maultz Apology

    • Del. Johnny Maultz (Talbot County)  issued a public apology on Face Book for his vote in support of these bills. He deserves credit for owning up to his mistake, our delegates from District 36 doubled down and defended their position...then voted against it when it was too late. 

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    The Platform


    • Maryland doesn't have an income problem, it has a spending problem. I will work to make our government less intrusive and more efficient. 

    American Values

    •  I believe this country was founded on Judeao Christian principles, we must not remove God from our culture. 

    I will uphold my oath of office

    • While serving as your Delegate in Annapolis I will protect your rights and defend the constitution.